The White Woman Who Loved Tobias

by Jacqueline E. Price

Tobias was a slave who worked in the cotton fields of Tennessee
I would watch him as he would watch me 
turning away every time I would notice him watching me, noticing him watching me 
for fear he would disrespect me 
for in such a time such a moment was not aloud
for it was deem something wild
so for a moment I wish I was 
the effects of his cause
as I would watch him I thought to myself:
I wish that I was metal so that for a moment I could hold your hand 
so that for a moment I can be a part of the plan
the plan to hold you tightly securely within
sometimes I wish that I was the metal shackles clingy closely to your skin
the hot sun on your back feeling your sweat intoxicating like aged old gin
sometimes I wish I was cotton picked by your hands ever so gently
I have even wished that I was Master's whip, only I would touch you ever so gently
I wish I was your feet then I would lead you to a place of safety 
where you could freely love me 
make love to me 
I wish I was the hay you had to tie, the bundled you carried upon your shoulders
where you would sometimes rest your tiered head as if it was your only lover 
I wish I was the water that you would cup and sip from your hands as my Father poured 
I wish I was your white whore 
so for a moment your manhood could be returned back to you making you my Master 
rightfuly giving back to you all the power
I wish I was the wind so that I could brush by and gently touch your hand 
so you would know how much I understand 
your need to be free
free to be with me 
free to love me 
I love a slave name Tobias
to be with him I must be quiet as 
kept by him, I visit with him in my dreams
although tonight dreams remain to be seen
as he creeps insided my forbidden places
intertwine we become like gray faces 
that is until a white face appears
shouting "what is that nigger doing here"
Tobias now gone away
taken away by my Daddy and his angry mob of hate 
wrogfully accused of rape
only I dare not speak up
for by the angry mob I to would be strung up
now my lover looks down at me 
now I wish I was the rope so I could tell him that I was so sorry
even in death he looks at me as if he still loves me 
for love was the last expression of Tobias the slave I would ever see 
so for now I can only wish that I was death and I was now Tobias I again see
for he is back with me 
only now he is unshackeled and free to love me 
The White Woman Who Loved Tobias

The White Woman Who Loved Tobias by Jacqueline E. Price

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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