Fatha or Sperm Donor

by Jason Polynice

Be a man!
Don't worry bout them son
You just be a man!
Nah nigga, you be a man.
You tell me I can
but you smoked the plan.
My soul won't grow 
cause my heart don't know.
Will I become the same man
My bad
I mean a nigga with a dick and brain
that stands in the light
runs when it rains.
If the tree really comes the seed
Hell what's the need.
I will be cursed by this non-human breed.
Eyes wide open but still can't see!
This pain you've caused
uuuuuhhhhhh nigga I grit my teeth.
Where were you when I couldn't sleep?
When I feel down and skid my knee?
Were you still thinking of the words to say?
The words you thought could explain
why the hell you could never stay.
I was just ten 
thinking where have you been?
I was beginning to starve 
on the empty promises
that one day you would take charge.
Now I'm nearly grown
and feel all alone.
I can't commit 
to the women I'm with
cause I'm afraid I will do the same foul shit.
Deep down I wish I could say
what I feel within. 
Like how can I be a man
when you gave me no foundation to stand.
and how can I raise my son
when daddy left me 
cause life with mommy was no longer fun.
I want to say I understand ol man.
And forgive you for the pain I've been through.
Cause when I needed you to spread your arms
and be my love loanar.
I was left crying and thinking
Is my dad my father 
or just a sperm donor.

Fatha or Sperm Donor by Jason Polynice

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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