by Jason Polynice

All I want to do is hold her one more time.

Gaze into her soft eyes and tell her how beautiful she is.

Hear her sensual voice, breaking the base of my drums,

telling me how much she loves me.

Diligently, I  caress her smooth pecan skin,

escaping from the internal and external heat of life,

into a place of solitude.

Where only the presence of two,

can melt the barrier of love.

But now it's too late, 

She's gone.

I sniff my wound of disgrace, 

cause I never imagined life without her in place.

Damn it's a shame

I never took the time to realize things until it was too late.

Like the feebleness of the King 

in the absence of his Queen,

nor the beauty of the journey we had just seen.

From the shyness of red light green light,

to mature, passionate indian dances in the rain.

Was I really foolish enough to believe,

the touch of  another would bring me the same?

The same sensual touch that heals the sick from pain, 

and amounts to love that puts P. Diddy's lavish lifestyle to shame.

There is no limit to the things I would do for just another taste.

But still she insists its far too late.

She says the price to pay has exceeded

that value that money could even weigh.

So I pray,

for  who other than my Father can show me the way.

Heavenly Father,

It hurts to only be able to remember her.

It kills my soul.

What can I do to kill this pain?

If I could only talk to her one more time, 

I would tell her all the right things.

All the things I was too afraid to say before.

Oh Lord, could you wake her one last time for  me?

I don't care if her face is cold or love has grown old.

My touch alone will warm her soul.

Father bring her back so I can hold her till she breathes love again.

Lord just bring her back.

But if I don't receive her before my time is through,

I will search all eternity until I do.

I will walk till my feet go numb with pain,

till by body can't bare to hold my frame.

As long as my heart has a beat,

I will continue to journey through these streets.

And when I breathe my last breath,

I will call her name,

and pray when I get to the gates,

she will be waiting and her feelings have changed.

With a crown in her hand

and her essence vibrating so sweet.

Ready for this King

to place the crown on her head

and announce her 

My Queen.

I will always love you Courtaney Smith

Queenless by Jason Polynice

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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