Sista' Mary's Sinnerman

by Pierre L. Sutton Jr.

I Love you, Sinnerman,
	You should be in some holy cathedral
Praying that the good Lord
Don't take my love away.
	Cause you treat me wrong, Sinnerman!
			Sinnerman? You Listenin'?

Your lips are mo' slick than
A backslider's ways,
	You cause my hips to sin
And keep my mind in a daze.
		'Yessur Sinnerman, you're good
-Good for a faire on hell's track.

You know Sinnerman,
	I lost my innocence and all my good sense
When I met you,
          And lost my 'ginity when I thought I loved you...
When I thought you loved me, truth be known.
Don't you dare 
       Turn for that door!
I'll chase you down,
And make you love me like you should-
I hope you listenin'?

Sinnerman, now you know
	My momma don't care too much for you,
And my daddy said he gon' 
		Put some harm to you,
	For committing his baby girl to sinning.

Yeah, Sinnerman, I love you
	And all your bad intentions!

Sista' Mary's Sinnerman by Pierre L. Sutton Jr.

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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