by Pierre L. Sutton Jr.

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Trying to reach my highest potential. - Elevation
Taking care of myself better & respecting my body as a temple. - Elevation
Constantly striving for betterment & not settling for less. - Elevation
Not getting upset when I lose, especially after giving my best. -Elevation
Dwelling more on the good than the bad. - Elevation
Not dwelling on what was & what was once had. - Elevation
Recognizing what goes on around me more. - Elevation
Realizing that I'm not grounded to the floor. - Elevation
Realizing that I can rise to the heavens above. - Elevation
Becoming conscious that it is okay to love. -Elevation
Not caring about what others say. -Elevation
Understanding, no matter what I do, they would say it anyway. - Elevation
Coming to grips that good people die. -Elevation
Coming to grips that through the living they survive. -Elevation
Growing out of the shell of boyhood and into a man. -Elevation
Realizing that age doesn't make you a man. -Elevation
Understanding that everything green isn't grass. -Elevation
Not letting the past cripple me like a cast. - Elevation
Realizing that good things don't only happen to those who wait. -Elevation
But that good things happen to those who make the least mistakes. -Elevation
Realizing that talking is the alternative to doing. -Elevation
Spending less time talking and more doing. -Elevation
Comprehending right from wrong. -Elevation
Knowing that it is right to stop whenever doing wrong. -Elevation
Realizing that life is too short for bitterness. -Elevation
Realizing that the greatest power is that of forgiveness. -Elevation
Not being afraid to break free. -Elevation
Not being afraid to become me. -Maturity

Note: Included in his debut book of poems and short stories
entitled Soul Rebuttals

Elevation by Pierre L. Sutton Jr.

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