by PhoenixRising

Winter raised Spring out of the terrible two’s

And I met him when Spring was almost full grown

He’d searched for me a hundred seasons come and gone

Springtime came into her womanhood, and there I was

Our souls connected instantly

And as each day warmed our love grew

Falling fast and freely in love

Enjoying the sun kissing our skin

Kissing brought love making

The kind that brought tears of immense pleasure

My heart and soul pregnant with joy

Keeping me serene

Just as spring was birthing summer

My joy miscarried

He was leaving, to follow his dream

He wishes me with him

But my dreams are here

And so are his 25 years of demons

Hotter the days are becoming, hotter

Heavier my heart is daily

He’s leaving soon and I can't stop the seasons from changing

Why was it only for a season?

Why not a lifetime?

I don’t want to keep him from dreaming

But I dreamed of him

Never knew love could hurt like this

A good kinda hurt

He taught me how to love again

And the seasons changing still

So I’ll say farewell with my lips

And stay with my heart

Cry tears of loss with a smile

And lie awake, alone

I miss him in my bed

Miss him here with me

He’s always on my mind

Permanent in my heart

Love him still and always

And just open a window

Now that summer’s here

Hoping to see him passing my way again…

Seasons by PhoenixRising

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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