My Name

by Phenom

I hear my name flow in the sands of time
I heard it sang as my people danced and drank wine
I heard it moaned thru their lips when my ancestors died

I heard it screamed with sorrow & anger 
as mothers & fathers were dragged from their homes
         -across the seas 
         -beaten and raped to death
         -or hung from trees 

I heard my name whispered in every drip drop of blood that fell  
from their rotting corpses onto the rich southern soil

I saw my name glistening in the sweat that rolled off their bodies
 into the cotton bush

My name was felt with each lash laid on their bodies

My name was passed from a mother's nursing breast into her infant

My name was echoed thru the years, telling that I would come

My name was carried thru generations awaiting my arrival 


         * To help restore your lost pride 
         * To relearn your lost heritage 
         * To pray with you to the almighty
To raise us up higher and higher to our rightful place

To take back what was stolen and changed

To regain our lost knowledge
To practice our lost religions
To relive our old traditions and sing our outlawed songs
         -of courage & strength 
         -of happiness & love
         -Of peace & posterity


yes, it was said.

My Name by Phenom

© Copyright 1996. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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