Hey Black Girl

by Phenom

The possessions of a woman are mysterious indeed
they lie beneath the surface, somewhere deep inside
The secrets contained within her are more than you'd believe

She can sob deeply, grief stricken with sorrow
Or form her lips into a dazzling sincere smile
Her hysterical shrieks of anger'll make you wish for tomorrow
But the serene calmness only lasts a while

There's a fierce strength that lies beneath her fragile looking body
I has carried her through all tribulations, making her a survivor
And there are moments when the burden seems too heavy
So she'll kneel down humbly, and use her sordid past as a reminder
and off of it draw the strength to draw on

She is the mother of mankind, sister to the rich soil
Close friend to the stars, the mate of kings
The sashay of her hips, make men's heads ring
However the lust aroused by her body isn't the secret 

The curved mounds of her supple body were molded by her cousin,
the ocean
Like the red of her menstruation, it can nurture and produce 
Inside her the almighty has put a unique potion
The precious diamond mine between her legs has more than one use

When the seed of a king seals her like a dam,  another life begins
It grows inside her & she alone decides it's fate
As a woman, God installed within her the ability to create
But along with it is a rage that can easily destroy or bring to an end

When the wind whispers, she feels more than it's breeze
She hears the voices of the past as they give her advice
After listening closely she bends to their will with ease

Her skin color ranges from copper to onyx
Or occasionally due to the unfortunate dilution of her breed
She is as pale as ivory
Her hair may be silky and straight or curly
Thick or thin, or coarse and full but always beautiful

She may be short like a pigmy 
Or tall like a Somalian, maybe voluptuous like the hotentott
And a lot of times a combination of tribe
Her voice is a melodic lullaby
Lucious lips unintentionally release the sounds of seduction

Her will is as hard as granite
Yet her skin is as soft as cotton & smooth like silk
She is fierce like a zulu warrior, yet peaceful like a hibiscus
She is a hunter like the lioness, as sleep as a panther
She can spit the venom of the snake, or soothe like the dove's cry
She is Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas
She is a traveler but her roots link her to Africa

Spiritually radiates from her like sunlight
Her soul is intuned with nature past & present 
She is strong, free, sensual, spirited, joyous, natural

At least that's what she used to be

Hey Black Girl by Phenom

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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