The Fifth Season

by Peggy Eldridge-Love

It is hard to accept that some of the most amazing
People who come into our lives
Are only there for a season
Only there to take our hand
To lead us, guide us
Sometimes gently,
Sometimes forcefully
From some dark place
Of anguish, terror, desolation,
Emptiness, confusion,
Maybe grief
To a place where we are standing
Perched at a bright new peak
Overlooking a wonderful new vista
Of being
Only to turn, ready to smile,
To clutch, to grasp
Their hand under the assumption
We are meant to share
The sunlight with them
But instead catch a last sweet
Glimpse of them retreating
Going wherever else they are
Meant to be
Having lead you to the place
Where you can go it
Alone, whole, renewed,
And free.

The Fifth Season by Peggy Eldridge-Love

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