Who Are You?

by Frankie Peebles

Magic or a Magi claiming to recieved knowledge from Wisdom versa a Wizard? 
And do you worship RA the Sun or the begotten Son? 
Shall our people have fear versa faith, 
knowing that your teaching may imitate the Gospel versa Gossip? 
So, your message nor mercy will spread words of poison rather than pureness. 
Are you a Servant or Serpent, who maybe acting as a friend versa fiend? 
Is your life full of Hollow reversal Holy, 
appearing to be neither secular nor sacred? 
And does your soul retain precious or prejudice, 
in order for your ministry to prey versa pray? 
Again, Who Are You? Judas or John, 
pretending to be Righteous versa Religious. 
What's your intention, lust versa love for Society 
to serve Mammon versa the Messiah? 
And who are you serving, a false Anti or Almighty? 
Or, just maybe your Master is Satan rather than the SAVIOR? 
Only, because you may had beheld or believe he's #1. 
But as a Bibical reminder, "Behold, God is the Only One!

Who Are You? by Frankie Peebles

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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