International Equal Treatment

by Frankie Peebles

Concerning of Civil and Human Rights all across the world.
Remember, Our Heavenly Father is the Creator over every man, woman, boy and girl.
God Word's will teach us about true treatment to mankind with respect and love.
Inorder to humble ourselves toward our brothers and sisters with love from above.

To avoid war if possible toward each other as well as our neighbor.
And to clear our hearts from the evil desire of showing favor.
If we will allow the Holy Spirit to guide us with love, patience, kindness and peace.
Our mind will avoid the sinful nature of selfishness as well as bringing all other hatred to a cease.

The secret power such as the Pope, U.N., Congressman, Philosopher and Psychic can
or will not solve all problems in our lives.
It will take the grace of CHRIST, who have the power and authority over this world inorder for us to survive.
If we as a people will put "IN GOD WE TRUST", first and foremost in our life.
Satan's opportunity in using various religions, money and power will not succeed in bringing us strife...

International Equal Treatment by Frankie Peebles

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