International Anthem

by Mr. Frankie Peebles

In the beginning, the Souls of Mankind were created to embrace the All-Seeing Creator. And to enjoy His love the Light of Life over our dark'ness, which wave through the 7 Seas and hover the 7 distant Lands. Hum'bly our Geneva Words are suppose to govern upon all Nationalities into Oneness. But, the Mirror of Liberty is reflecting every area of human experience and emotion such as fear vs. faith, anger vs. compassion, sorrow vs. joy, gossip vs. prayer and the lack of our praises for the psalmist's majestic GOD. And as we travel the World destiny our realities are becoming a heartfelt spiritual official song. An Anthem that every nation will be able to hymn this sacred Song of Psalm. A Ho'ly verse mention that I am a Psalmist, illuminated the jungles and the desert of Africa and crossing the Red Sea onto the height of the Himalayan Mountains in Asia. "That I am a Psalmist". Jumping onto The Land Down Under as far as OUTBACK Australia wavy The Great Sea to the Alps in Europe making it known that I am a Psalmist. Continuing on our journey to climb the Rocky Mountains of N. America flying over the rainforest position ourselves onto the deserts and mountains of Chili in S. America singing that I am a Psalmist. In order for the voices of peace to overshadow segregated hearts of cold'ness like an unpopulated land better known as the Antarc. Then, just maybe our civilization will be re-baptized into Mercy and Fulfilled the Psalm of Psalms: 133&1 Behold, How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in Unity!


PSALMS: means "Praise Songs"
Inspirationist; Ms. Carrie L. King

International Anthem by Mr. Frankie Peebles

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