06-08-06: The Thought

by AntPearson

How do you drop one and not be the one to influence?

The one to show him right from wrong before heís truant.

Cutting class and cursing faster than the next kid

while moving backwards because nobody didnít tell him

about his worth, his value, and his inherited curse

About his automatically liberating presence

and that his destiny is based on his perseverance

Before he starts following kids

because he doesnít know who his pop is

with role model that cold bottle is not his friend

13 hurting inside wondering why
until he ends up giving up

feeling heís got to ride or die

for the block

but when heís locked

theyíre gone

Heís stuck inside a storm for life

his rights are gone

Stripped from him and given a number

they put him under

the spell of a cell, hell like no other


With no escape

his fateís in the DAís hands

What a hand heís dealt, but heís got to play

and stand like a man

and man itís no way out but his mouth

and thatís the wrong way

The street code has him froze

heís got to hold on

and keep his head strong under control while

losing years and tears wonít change the verdict

Appeals denied

time starts biting his spirit

Whoís to blame?

The Manís under handed plan

society lied to everybody out here man

How you move is the key to it, no school training can teach him

how to follow the rules to get through this

06-08-06: The Thought by AntPearson

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