May the Winds Reach Us In Time!

by AntPearson

Inspired by: Ezekial 37

As we multiply and our numbers become greater
in a covenant with ourselves is where we must place our favor
We must place our neighbor on our level
and recognize our power lies in a united endeavor
We shake at the sound of speakers and leaders
though we find no force to move us when a feeling reaches us
[Our bones are dried, and our hope is lost: We are cut off from our parts. 37:11]
We have managed to disconnect ourselves from each other
while the calm before the storm has us at ease in mass numbers
We breathe no air, burying ourselves in despair, death, destruction, and desolation
We must empower ourselves with inner peace making
as we multiply and generations rise
with the wind behind our backs and our feet solid in the soil of pride.
May the winds reach us in time!

May the Winds Reach Us In Time! by AntPearson

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