Lorraine Audubon Phase I

by AntPearson

Echoes of a dream left unfulfilled
When sounds of this magnitude ring no one is healed
this is what it sounds like when time stands still
John, Malcolm, Martin, and Bobby in 5 years
where did we go from here?
With inspiration slain and the people drained
times as they knew it would change
Ms. Lorraine Audubon has affected our hearts with global pain
Our spirit is in question amid the depression 
Future revolutionaries are arrested 
the unity of the community is tested
Add government drug sales that flooded the streets
then subtract multiple the brothers who flooded cells in fleets
The revolution was being quelled
no means necessary would be dispelled 
The movement suppressed through solutions of death, division, and Counter Intel
Resistance led to sentences 
indented into our consciousness 
Deception with the perception of truth has stained the glass ceiling 
of a nation embroiled in looting and raw feelings
Picture the watts when the lights went off
then the lights went off over in Newark 
now the city is charred and filled with the national guard
armed with a curfew to create control of an uncontrollable force 
forcing the nation into regression of its thoughts 
While the draftees return from the big V 
to spend their days chemically imbalanced under V A bed sheets 
The balance of power greatly shifted toward the Watergate Right's hook
At the podium stands a crook 
After Johnson's failed great society attempt the country was the hostage Nixon took
Passed bills from the latter years made it appear 
as if progress was imminent through the shadows of fear
Who was to know what was near?

To be continued...

Lorraine Audubon Phase I by AntPearson

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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