Gained Materials and Lost Values

by AntPearson

We value cars more than sons and clothes more than daughters
We devalue morals, placing them in the category of the least important
When they flash that screen everybody's up close
Attention fully paid to the jaws of confusion
using us as the gas to fuel them
Those outlets pose more of a threat to us
than ever did music.

We value guns more than family 
gold more than humanity
We devalue legacy, leaving behind red trails of sweat and tears in the community
Blasting through the waves is a perpetual motion of stereotypes
We promote competition but call it "beef"
We promote dysfunctional families but call it "drama"
We value fame over honor 
ego over karma
vice over virtue
In the meantime time is not cooperating
We are stagnated 
searching for the gas to fuel us
We've even been siphoned out of the fumes 
that would lead us to the station of moral salvation
Instead we are driven by the few 
to the situation room of nothing new

It ain't no new thing
Black man shot down 
50 bullets sound
and they blame 50 Cent for making the crime go round
It ain't no new thing
Blame music for keeping the crime on the block
in Texas a cop got shot 
they blamed Tupac
It ain't no new thing
It's just more of the same thing on different days

Indeed we must value sons more than cars and daughters more than clothes
Re-evaluate our morals, placing them in the category of most important 
Value family more than guns and humanity more than gold
Re-evaluating our view on legacy and the greatness which we hold
Where we came from is certainly not where we are going
Times change and with time we adapt
but some things have to be maintained for us to last
That tradition of progressing through pain
That mission to raise these kids so they don't breed the same
That perseverance through pressure that tried to put us to shame
Rise as a flame 
ignited by the passion for change
when we lose materials and values are gained.

Gained Materials and Lost Values by AntPearson

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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