Revolutionary Fervor 11/5/08

by AntPearson

A new day has arrived. We have just witnessed a non-violent revolution. This revolution was indeed televised. In masses, the people came out and decided they were ready to become part of the solution to the many problems America has and faces. Racism was not bold enough! Skeptism was not strong enough! Those negative forces that drive wedges through progress were not the righteous forces on display Nov. 4th, 2008. An overwhelming statement was made on this day. The people do want change. The people do want leadership. But most of all, the people want to feel as if they are being taken into consideration. The choice was as clear as it gets. Change has come to America.

A new way of thinking has emerged. We now have to believe that our attitude has an impact on the way we see the world. The notion of responsibility and accountability has been pushed to the side for the notions of materialism and selfishness. We are at a moment where we have to pick a side. We have become accustomed to playing both sides of the fence, which is not only a knock against convenience, but in this case it is virtually impossible. We have an opportunity to shape our minds along with our families in order to heighten our awareness and realize that with a sense of purpose comes great reward. The responsibility is ours to control what we can and make the world around us a better place to exist. We must also hold ourselves, and those around us, accountable for their actions and reactions in order to create a movement of productivity.

We have been granted the choice we desired and now it is up to us to ensure that we, as a people, remain grounded while assisting our new President-Elect Barack Obama in leading this country towards further greatness. Now is the time that we must show and prove that we ALL deserve this moment in history and we must do this together and not rely on President Obama to handle what we have the power to handle ourselves. Itís been a long time coming, but change has come. We must recognize our deepest fear...and conquer it.

Revolutionary Fervor 11/5/08 by AntPearson

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