Tell Me Where the Trees Find Shelter?

by Paula M. Patton-Ross

...And he found her crouched in a corner
Wetting her knees with tears of pain
She said, “You ought to feel this,
You really ought to”
And continued to cry
As she tried to explain

“Look at me!  With those eyes
and that heart you don’t use
too often…

I have been a fountain of abundance
Wherein 4 rivers and 2 streams
Have come from me
Your Ocean”

He tried to pull her to her feet
But she couldn’t stand
“This used to be a house”
she declared
“But my love for you
made it a home”

Her teardrops streamed down
Falling onto his hand
Each one had a dream
And had in itself
A life of its own

“All I know about me
is that I got lost along the way
following someone
who's feet made no ‘din’ 

Since then I’ve been feeling around
On my knees in the dark for my identity
It’s lost inside you, isn’t it?
Oh God 
What a strange society it’s in.

I’ve constantly thirst after love,
Can you tell me what you think it is?
Because I’ve been waiting
To escape the summer swelter

Braving desert winds
And sandstorms
Which threaten all I am
Can you tell me
Where the trees find shelter?

Tell Me Where the Trees Find Shelter? by Paula M. Patton-Ross

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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