Harmony's Bar & Grill

by Paula M. Patton-Ross

We need colors…
But still we need to be blind.
Blue is ‘ice’
Red is ‘heat’
Insert here:  “Once Upon A Time”
Before ‘man’s want to conquer the world
Without cognizance
He’d be so lonely in it
Trying to tame the wild, wild Seas
Did it ripple cuz his thumb was in it?
And because he awoke
Did that summon the Sun?
Or when his eyes closed
Was the day ‘done’?

From where did he gather this notion?
Each individual whim –
To take what he wanted
Step upon, step over
Ah! the original Sin.
Filtered down through generations
Nameless faces entering the turnstyle
Enslaved to loathing’s silent
Which spreads a cancer across another’s sky

And the rockets red glare
Mystifying the night
As folk return to sleep and dream
Of another chance at tomorrow
Hatred breeds’ two doors down the right
With ample disregard
Oblivious to the sorrow
And forgetting how ‘Man’
A spiritual being
Needing ‘Man’ 
To survive
We need each other’s touches
Even each other’s
‘Yea’s or ‘nay’s
They too enrich
And propagate Life

It’s a ‘rebel seed’ 
A recessed gene
With only a single sensory perception
Which can’t see the colors
Nor the light of every soul
For this passion/obsession to conquer
The few with dedication

Who are willing to at least try?
To understand
The imperfections that lie in man
And the struggles we endure
Trying to return to ‘Harmony’s Bar and Grill’
Exhausted by the conflicts
Of Race
Of Religion
And Politics
For once, just let it be Wine that’s spilled.
Overflowing, effervesced by laughter
All weapons checked
And deposited at the door
Until we are drunk with Love Everlasting
And study

Harmony's Bar & Grill by Paula M. Patton-Ross

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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