Young Girl/Old Man

by Pat T.

Young girl, allow me to caress your hand and neck
and feel your youthful exuberance
so I can experience the remembrances of my lost virility and power

Naive girl, permit me to seduce your verdant mind,
for you have the face of a cherub, so fresh, so unspoilt, and so sweet

Small girl, with eyes so pure and white,
which have never known hardship nor suffering,
anguish nor pain, woe nor torment

Innocent girl, with a smile so radiant
it could light the darkest of nights,
gleaming with innocence and life

Artless girl, take me into your wholesome bosom,
erase the memoirs of my jaded second hand wife,
ungrateful children, and unfulfilling existence

Ingenuous girl, wrap your voluptuous legs around me
and help me to forsake this cruel conundrum called middle age
and make me whole

Young, naïve, small, innocent, artless, ingenuous girl…I dream of you

Dirty old man, allow me to slap your hand and face
and shake you out of your sleep walk,
so I can experience the satisfaction of freeing you
from your prison of ignorance

Presumptuous old man, permit me to enlighten your mind to the fact that,
though only twenty-five, I am a grown woman who, if disrespected,
is not afraid to give you the concise but thorough tongue lashing you deserve

Decrepit old man, with the irrational longings
of an adolescent boy with nascent pubescent tendencies

Patronizing old man, with insults so beautifully disguised as compliments,
sparking within me red hot indignation and rancor

Impudent old man, treasure that prize possession
you so impertinently refer to as your “second hand” wife,
for how quickly you forget that she was the only one
who faithfully stuck by you and nurtured your seeds
with an ardent devotion worthy of praise and admiration

Foolish old man, thank God everyday
that you have been able to live to see this day,
and abandon the futile exercise of looking for greener pastures

Dirty, presumptuous, decrepit, patronizing, impudent, foolish old man…
I pity you

Young Girl/Old Man by Pat T.

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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