Still Not There

by Pat T.

No one can please me

As well as I can

No one man can tease me

And beckon my slumbering passions

I yearn to be titillated

To the point of combustion

I long to experience the bliss

Of orgasmic eruption

By way of a solid man's thrust

But when I feel I could be_THERE

They always bust

And gyrate and create

All sorts of commotion

Then rollover and smile

In one singular motion

Stirring in me a dangerous

Hatred and envy

Of those vixens of fiction

Television and movies

That appear to explode

With the utmost of ease

And here I lay drenched

With another man's sweat

Simmering with anger under a calm silhouette

Retracing every misplaced thrust and heave

As this man snores and drools on my sleeve

In a deep slumber of sexual satisfaction

I'm nauseous with disappointment and

Dissatisfaction is holding my insides hostage for ransom

And the only adequate compensation is gratification through

The long and arduous process of foreplay

And only ceasing when I say!!!

And only upon my nod and approval

He pierces my honey with grinding penetration

But sluggish removal

And I'm the one raving and ranting!!!

And I'm the one perspiring and panting!!!

My beliefs regarding man's inadequacies

I'm quickly recanting!!!

Alas reality stabs me like a stake

My lover's nostrils arouse me to wake

And remind me of my hunger still unfulfilled

My thirst still unquenched

Still not there

Still Not There by Pat T.

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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