by Pat T.

Maybe I should wear more makeup

So you will be pleased

Burn my hair all fabulous

Just so to appease

Your temperament, so fragile

Maybe I should adorn tighter clothes

So  you won't revile

Primp myself and pose

How far should I spread them sugar tip?

How hard or soft should I shake my hips to induce facetious quips

from you and your entourage?

I'll bat my eyes all coy and tender

I'll smile a smile to invite and you'll enter that..

Pssssssssssst! Hey shorty! with a forty charm

Has me in a daze and longing to cling to your arm

Unwrapping with your eyes as if I was a tenderloin or a blunt

What more could a girl want?

How hard should I laugh at your jokes?

How many compliments might invoke the possibilities of

tasting your yoke?

Maybe I should just bend on over

Reveal my breasts. Would you like that lover?

Take my time so you can devour my thighs with your eyes

And just how interested should I look?

When you dazzle me with your stories of manhood

You know I'm hooked

Spawning jealousy from your crew

Snap your fingers I'll come through

Cash my paychecks just for you

And never a fight nor hint of animosity

Maybe I'll just lose my whole identity

And mesh it with yours

Do all your chores and when you want it

Baby I'm yours to use and flaunt it

But ever so discreet, with many women you're sure to cheat

But I won't care cuz you purchased these airs

And this hair besides it's only fair

It would be my fault if you strayed

Didn't stroke my lover's ego when his nerves were frayed.

Hey maybe I'll massage your feet

Cater to your every whim and fantasy

Kiss you from head to toe focus on your satisfaction

Desire? for me?   HELL NO!

I've go masturbation

Suppress my needs for steamy undulations

Put my lips around your manhood

Would you like that would that feel good?

Maybe I should let you erupt and fill my jaw with your collections

How many moans would you like me to feign to induce erection?

At what pitch and what tone would bring you to rain and boil over?

Suppress my pain so you can enter again and again and over

Maybe I should practice ways to keep a young gent

Make him believe I'm heaven sent

Wear snug skirts so they can be like DAYAMN!!

Baby got back,  you know I wouldn't mind hittin that

How long should I starve myself to remain lean and svelte

But in all the right places

Go to dr. suck and tuck with the utmost haste

Strutting in with all my girls and the fellas conference

Trying to decide which of us will win IRREVERENCE!!!!

OOOH OOOH that one yo!  Naw she ain't as cute as__

Oooh oooh pick me pick me

Because I have a fat ass

A ripe and soft behind class not necessary... what's a mind?

Tits and ass a  must

Thick lips preferable to enhance the lust and the stares

Maybe I should turn around so they can view my wares

How slow would you like me to twirl so I can be the girl of the hour

Giddy cuz the other chicks are looking at me sour

You see for all of this is what I live

Maybe I should slit my wrists


Maybe by Pat T.

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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