Corporate Culture

by Pat T.

Neck ties and power suits perpetrating composure and ease

Check your individuality and soul at the door please

Clandestine meetings and fraternal liaisons

A veritable golfers paradise

Blow hards and brown nosers making nicey-nice

Back stabbers and posers smiling for the man

Praying to big brother cuz the material life

Is in the hands of the rich_getting richer

Off board approved bonuses as he sprinkles the

Crumbs and watches them scatter

Like roaches on acid

Cliques with dicks and only chicks that fit

Their own ignorance can join and be accepted

Turning brotha against sista in vicious

Game of fit in to get in or else get

The HELL out!!!

Job performance, competence, intelligence are no factors

Just grin and look pretty and quickly thereafter chuckle

At dry anecdotes and inflated stories of ego

Passing one another in cold hard hallways_don't speak

Just look away without any spectacle

Waiting on you sway on testicles and jock up hard

So your attempts at civility will be disregarded

So the established and the accepted can relish

The sweet high of giving

Outsiders the cold shoulder..and yet..and still_

After 2 hard years_count them 24 long months of duty

It is  war my friends

But the means never justified the ends

And the strategy is not the norm of the secular

So the only recourse is banishment and  solitude

Necessary to uphold the warped sense of rectitude

That keeps them believing that they belong

And you are wrong for despising them in their

Hip to hip enclosures and locked huddles of middle aged

Caffeine ridden testosterone and carefully selected

Estrogen traitors

Eyeballing you as you walk in with your head held high

But deep inside you cry out WHY!?!

When no one seems to care or wonder_..for this will be

The fatal blunder

As they will shortly be outnumbered_

Who will they then run to??? When the system they

So dutifully worshipped and adhered to has

Crumbled and disintegrated and their bones are

Swooped upon like vultures_..

Corporate culture

Corporate Culture by Pat T.

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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