Funky Attitude

by Pat T.

people make me vomit
contradiction and hypocrisy 
envelope every fold of their beings
capricious demeanors invoke mad 
feelings of hatred and disgust
for the strength of their weaknesses 
is highly underestimated
wish I had an island of my own
to retreat when man's guile
rears its ugly head
guns need be outlawed for if
I obtained one I would send 
memories of a woman gone postal
toting an ak-47 POW POW POW
my first victims would be the 
demon caucasian male
squeezing the trigger until 
my fingers sweat s-l-o-w-l-y
so I could watch him squirm
where's your white privilege now son?
really can't help you none as the 
bullets spray my oppression 
trickles down the walls
One down two to go next target...
the white man's ho miss so called 
epitome of class and beauty
ass kisser and corporate flirt
the pellets spray the shirt 
ripped off my back...atlast
but not least my next target
and attack is a black,Uncle tom, 
shuffling baboon, disguised as a 
brotha/sista down for the cause
hip to the game knows what time
it is but really tame smiling for
the man but backstabbing behavior
gave you cannons are 
coming for you...trying to appeal
to my black nationalist thoughts 
only spell doom 
for your condescending ass
funky attitude pervading my aura
as I look with distaste on the corpses
On the lying, cheating, exploitative,
\two-faced, greedy,manipulative, hateful bodies...

Dolefully I must confess hate pervades my insides
like a deadly virus
I hate white corporate male amerikkka and his beneficiaries
I hate white women and their feigned unassuming bland charms
I hate black traitors and traitettes
that hate them selves as much as they love their enslavers
I hate bitter people with nothing
better to do but obliterate hope
I hate people who talk about me being antisocial when they cause it
I hate white people who think racism doesn't exist
but actively benefit from it
I hate always feeling as if I don't belong 
I hate the way that hating feels
I hate that I that I hate to the point that I can't see straight
I hate despising human beings and their stupidity and weaknesses
I hate feeling alone...

but don't mind me I'm just in a sour mood,
see, God has me on a path but the rest stops are taking their toll
and the mortals are making my nerves extremely restless 
for a break for an escape 
but everything happens for a reason
and Jah put them on the earth
to fulfill a part of the plan too 
so don't mind
I just got a funky attitude

Funky Attitude by Pat T.

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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