Young Man

by Orisa

The game is reversed-- I had it all rehearsed
-the love, the fall out, and the break up
You decided to stay past the welcome- 
He trieeed me and look where we at –in love
I help him bag his green delight
and he follows me to the suit world on the daily. 
Young man gives all he can
and even takes care of the not-his-baby
and look at the fallout. 
I ‘m cussin’ them girls
and he cuts his eyes at them boys
cause we is in love. 
Some of that greedy, needy love,
that I call him every hour
and can’t wait to hear what happen in his world. 
That love that would kill, cuss your ex,
and tell all your friends who ain’t down---go to hell. 
Look what happened, he reversed my game.

The first time I smelled his outside scent,
I knew I could sniff him forever.
Young Man thinks I sniffin’ for others
but I ‘m inhaling his maleness and everything it contains. 
He asked me why I stare but I can’t help
to look at the perfect imperfection. 
His worldly feet, uncut hair in morning,
and that wild look in his eyes makes me wonder-
should I keep him in captivity
or let him loose on occasion to see if he will return.
I tried to turn the faucet off
but the water was so refreshing, clean, and young. 
I am not his senior any more
but his equal and he is my elder in more ways than one.

Young Man by Orisa

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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