Success VS Having No Purpose

by Oneal Walters

He should be stepping forward in persistence
And he needs to be equipped with patience.
He has to obtain the knowledge of success
And success equals belief plus actions made.
He must learn to apply what is taught to him.
Now, he won't listen to anyone. He's a grown up.
He won't listen to those that want to rescue him.
He won't heed the advice that would lead him out,
His actions proved that he wants to be enclosed by issues.
He needs to extend his ears, his arms and his fingers
To touch his goals with his mind, and in time, he'll grab them.
He needs to shoulder responsibilities and push away stress.
He needs to labour longer to see the fruit mature within his life.
What's the point of being late when you could have been early?
He must realise that seeing tomorrow makes you early today.

Success VS Having No Purpose by Oneal Walters

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