Emotional Issues

by Oneal Walters

As soon as our eyes met,
She was labelled as forbidden.
As soon as we exchanged greetings.
She was labelled as forbidden.
She was my friend's girl
Plus she was secretly admired
By a lot of my other friends.
There were too many shady games
Being played by this girl.
This girl held many of my friends hostage.
As for me
I had little to no involvement with her
She was trouble.
As to the situation,
About six of them spoke and laughed outside.
Inside, I stood by the window looking out.
Someone banged on the door, I really hate that.
I do have a doorbell that works and is in reach for pressing.
At the door, she asked to use the washroom.
She entered. She did her stuff and returned downstairs.
She held my attention by engaging in general chatter.
She talked. Some time passed. She knew I didn't trust her.
She talked about those that liked her, about why guys liked her.
I listened as the wolf stalked me, as the rattling sound got louder.
I listened to her words. I guarded the flow of my words.
Just before she moved in for the kill, she cried. I saw tears.
This confused me emotionally, what was I to do now?
Now, she couldn't leave my house, people were outside.
She stayed. She wanted my ears so I gave them to her.

Message: Sometimes a girl that has a ‘pretty' package
can use that appearance to try to turn friends against
friends. I labelled this girl as forbidden because she
was dealing with one of my friends. Doing that secret
shady stuff disrespects you, her and the one that you
called your friend.

Emotional Issues by Oneal Walters

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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