Continue Where You Left Off

by Oneal Walters

I watched you from a distance.
I was a small child with tag on my mind
A curious child that wanted to always have fun.
        Years later.
I knew your dream. You shared it with me.
You persisted, putting this dream into motion.
You dreamt this dream until it was reality.
You dreamt to live in a house.
        I watched.
Video games were on my mind.
1990. Your dream came true.
It came true. Dreams do come true!
Your next dream was for me to go to university,
Quite expensive.
Your dream was coupled with wanting to see me
Interested in a career that made sufficient money.
At the time, I was focussed on playing games
And thinking about owning a business, not sure what.
        Years later.
Your dreams changed from your concerns to concerns for me.
You led me as far as you could. You held my guided hand.
Then pointed into the distance and said, "it is time.
Time to dream for yourself, time to expand your dreams."
I knew my dreams must include you. I will help you.
It was time to wear a robe, a robe made for leaders.
Not followers.
A robe that was covered in understanding
That was failure-free.
A robe that was presentable if its tossed away
Like the clothes that are lying on my desk.
I walked out and said bye as I walked away.
I heard you encouraging me to move forward.
You, were my parents. I, was a child who didn't have a duty.
I wore the robe, found my duty and claimed my responsibilities.

Message: Where our parents dreams end, that's where our dreams
begin. My parent's dreamt for me to surpass them. It was for me
to go and become what they were not able. In turn, when I become
successful, I will remember the struggles that my parents went
through for me.

Continue Where You Left Off by Oneal Walters

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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