In This World Of Spirituality

by Baba Olutunde Olufemi

Hear me in this poem 
I am reciting beyond the paper
Flowing but yet connected still
Like a fisherman's boat 
Propelled by the wind behind its sail
Here am I coming towards you now
Dressed in my Asho
Adorned in my Ilekes and my Ileke Nla
With clouds beneath my feet
Reciting and chanting 
surrounded by the echoes of the Queen's wind
Sharing a connection with Oya
Yes, your Ancestors probably already told you
That I am a son of Ogun
Descending from the primal energy of the universe
To commune also with the dead.

The brown skin that has clothed me
No longer serves me
In this world of spirituality
So if you listen closely
To the passing breeze, listen for this poem
It will carry your deepest  thoughts
To a place surrounded by the divinities of heaven
Who reaches their arms out to you
So that you may also swim in the ocean of life
Where everyday is a celebration for liberation
So let us enter into the realms of Ase together
I promise you that this will be
Your greatest immortal joy and happiness

Yoruba - Asho-A traditional cloth wrapped around 
the body during initiations. Ilekes-Consecrated
 beads given to Orisha initiates. Ileke Nla- 
The great ileke given to priestly initiates. 
Oya - Warrior  Goddess of change and winds. 
Ogun- Warrior God of  iron, war and justice. 
Ase-God's energy

In This World Of Spirituality by Baba Olutunde Olufemi

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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