In The Heat of the Night

by Baba Olutunde Olufemi

    Come to me in the heat of the night

    So I can look deeply into your eyes

    While searching for sensual places to bite

    As I stroke my tongue across your thighs


    Offer me your token of pure sexual bliss

    While I stimulate your most essential senses

    With the intensity of an besotted kiss

    That will cause you to drop all your defenses


    It is I your symbol of love/king/mate

    Who will keep you moist with lustful anticipation

    As I caress your nipples with my weight

    In the midst of one of life’s sweetest  sensation


    Come to me as my body and soul articulate

    The natural chemistry of your contact

    Reveal yourself to me so I can gently penetrate

    The walls of ecstasy of such a wondrous act


    Thrill me with the tenderness of your hand

    Warm me with the excitement of your breathe

    Synchronize my sacrum and pituitary gland

    Until I have no energy or seminal fluid left


    As our hearts beat in the cadence of one

    And our erogenous zones are left wet

    Locked in a unification tongue to tongue

    As we exchange our desire/love/sweat

In The Heat of the Night by Baba Olutunde Olufemi

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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