A Cherub Followed Me

by Baba Olutunde Olufemi

I grieved my life from day to day
ignoring God's plans for me
and even though I refused to be obedient
a cherub was sent to follow me.

I ate flesh and lived with the dead,
I drank wine and made love to whores
and even though I was wasting away
I was shown that my life deserved more

There was something ordained about me
but if the truth be told, I didn't know.
So, a rebel without a cause I chose to be
until a cherub benevolently showed me so.

I slept with the wild on mountain high
with broken dreams and false realities,
and though I wanted death to close my eyes
God sent a cherub to faithfully follow me.

I was drowning in my own misery
it was just a matter of time before I died.
In my darkest moment a light appeared
behind it was a voice that spoke without pride.

"Wherever you stood I stood there too
I have been with you since your birth."
"Wherever you walked I walked too,
reminding you about the things beyond the earth."

"When you were lost I directed you"
"When you were hunger I gave you bread"
"When you prayed I carried your prayers,
I was there with you among the living and dead."

"I am here to ensure that you live in light,
and to informed you that you are loved."
"This is the nature of my existing plight,
and why I was sent from the heavens above."

A Cherub Followed Me by Baba Olutunde Olufemi

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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