Is My Death Really a Mystery

by Tracy R. Offer

Is My Death Really a Mystery 
There isn't a second that goes by when family, friends 
& investigators don't struggle to learn about my death
A hundred questions are asked
A thousand interviews are held 
A million tears are shed 
A billion mysteries add up
And still my death is unresolved 
My killer feels he/she is free
They continue to breath life and grow as my family grieves due to my life ending
For my killer please understand you have taken the physical part of me 
away from the world but my soul lives forever
Man may never find you; tests may never prove you accountable 
but God sees all, you haven't gotten away
Throughout your life, you will experience the spirits of the lives you have taken
There really is no place to escape 
So as you live to laugh while enjoying life know our images will
always follow you

As my death remains a mystery surely each day I am gone 
your life will have double strife.
Is My Death Really a Mystery 

Is My Death Really a Mystery by Tracy R. Offer

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