What Makes You A Man

by Tracy R Offer

Growing from a baby to a toddler to a child 
to a teen ager to a young adult to an adult 
and having learned from the paths of mistakes you traveled along the way
Accepting ownership of your flaws and making an effort to become a better you
Accepting constructive criticism knowing its to help your mental growth 
and your relationship to come
Accepting responsibility for what you create in life 
and making sure it does not fall apart or making sure it doesn't happen again
Accepting that in order to progress in life understanding you must seek God first
Accepting that now you are an adult childish ways and things must be put away 
and that include friends and "friends"
Accepting that just because you are of the male gender 
does not entitle you to enforce caveman habits and personalities 
Accepting knowledge of how and when to become humble
Accepting that you are to be graceful and genuine in your actions
Such as being a protector, a lover a student as well as a teacher, 
a provider, a comforter, a good listener, one that understands, 
provides wisdom as well as guidance, not ashamed or afraid to be led
And most of all a man of God

Oh, you must have thought your """"
Made you a man

What Makes You A Man by Tracy R Offer

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