How Dare You

by Tracy R. Offer

If there were no me, there would be no you
How dare you say you don't believe

You awaken every day by me
You have breath by me
You can see, hear, walk, laugh, all because of me
How dare you call it luck

The trees, the animals, the waters, the world
I created so beautifully, has been destroyed
How dare you question why things don't go right for you

The people, I created all colors, all personalities
How dare you make mockery of them

You make millions; I only ask 10%
How dare you question why you have no money

You are a star; I gave you many talents
You refuse to look inside and see what you're really worth
How dare you question why you have nothing

I made you what you are; yet you go and redo my work
How dare you question why you don't look right

You can enjoy all the riches in Heaven with me
Yet you chose to enjoy the riches of Hell
How dare you call my name only in the time of need

I made the world; I can take the world
You have destroyed my creation; you have destroyed each other
You abuse my children
You disrespect your elders
those who made things easier for your future
When I return and you do not hear
your name called to come home
How dare you question why you weren't chosen

How Dare You by Tracy R. Offer

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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