Confident, Not Conceited

by Tracy R. Offer

Not Conceded

I walk in a room, dressed to impress
Heads turn, whispers spread

As I walk my head is held high
You say “ she think she all that”

When I wear my finest
You say, “That would look better on me”

When I speak in good manner
You say, “She ain’t no better than us”

When I don’t use ghetto language
You say “She act like she educated”

When I don’t subject myself to your world
You say, “She just being fake”

When I advance in my career
You say, “ She must have slept with somebody”

You think I’m conceded
No, it’s called confident

I walk with pride; I dress with class
I speak with confidence
I don’t indulge in your world because I have matured
Opportunities come my way because I work hard

I am glamorous; I have style
I am intelligent; I have poise
I am confident in me

You can say what you want
You can think as you please
I have confidence in me

You don’t like what you see; don’t look
My presence makes you uncomfortable, move on
Don’t blame me for what you can’t handle
In my world, you have no stability

I have confidence in me

Confident, Not Conceited by Tracy R. Offer

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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