Real Unity

by Nyoka

Real Unity
Labor Day
Hands raised high in the air
Each having a distinct hue and of a different ethnicity
And at the end of every fingertip 
Each individual holds on to their identity
The colors that adorn their flag
The same colours written on their faces

Music belts out from a nearby speaker box
And whether its zuk, soca, kaiso, reggae or pan
A cascading feeling of real unity develops
Side by side, we jump with our brothers and sisters
One by one we begin to appreciate the experience
Of being more alike than we are different
The experience of being 
Trinbagonian, Jamaican, Grenadian, Vincentian
Guyanese, Haitian, Lucian, Bajan, West Indian

Donít you feel the tranquility?
Of bringing the essence of our cultures together
To unite under one code of conduct
Love, Peace and Unity
Donít you appreciate the flavor and spice?
The uniqueness of each dish
The smell of a pot at the end of every block
Doesnít your head turn?
When you see a fellow islander
And you say to yourself
God couldnít have designed a people more beautiful

In the end
After the day has ended
And we pack up our flags and costumes 
We are still moving to one beat
And marching to the sound of the same drum
Because our history is spun from the same fine silk
And our shores are washed by the same waters
We become by-products of each other

Whether we are identified as African, Indian or Chinese
Speak Creole, patois, Hindi, Spanish or English,
Enjoy akee, breadfruit or pomme cythere
We are simply, West Indian
United by the love of our cultures
And divided only by oceans and seas

Real Unity by Nyoka

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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