by Nyahbinghi

Hustlin is dead
Pimpin killed his ass over a raw deal last week
he ain’t get caught and wasn’t nobody gonna tell on him neitha
Afta dat, Pimpin was hangin wit some niggah name Mackin
but Pimpin started hatin’ on dat niggah 
cause Mackin was blazin’ one of da ho’s he was tryna get wit
Pimpin say, “Dat niggah done stole my pussy!”
Last I heard, Mackin got shot in da back by Pimpin
tryna run from dat fool afta a lil confrontation
killed dat niggah dead over some stupid shit
Anyhow, den Pimpin got wit dis muthafucka name Scammin
Scammin had some ATM fraud goin’ on
Pimpin figure he pull a few wit Scammin 
hold a lil grip to da side, prolly go clean afta dat
you know, niggah try to do right…tired of livin’ dat life
Well, dem niggahs got caught da otha night
dey say Scammin chimed on his boy, you know
copped a plea bargain by tellin dat niggah did dem two hits
(talkin bout Hustlin and Mackin)
technically, dat’s strike three fuh Pimpin
Last thang I know, Pimpin got LIFE
dere went dem dreams of goin’ clean
As fuh Scammin
heard dat niggah got took out by a bus runnin from da Po-Po’s 
don’t dat beat all?
Well, da moral of dis story is
if you tryna live yo life like deez niggahs…
Hustlin, Pimpin, Mackin and Scammin
you better thank twice
cause dat shit ain’t gonna get you nowheres
just look at dem niggahs!!


Ghetto-ology by Nyahbinghi

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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