Twenty Dollars And Fifty Cents

by Mama Mickey

Almond shaped eyes fill her face
Small waisted
Walking with a slow pace
As she saunters slowly 
A disgusted look as she descends
To the bar below her flat
Wearing the red dress that she loves so much
But too tight and showing the panty line 
Across her wide butt
Entering into Joe’s 
She sits on her favorite stool
One leg resting on the floor
The other resting over the side of her bar prop
She’s aging but still looks good enough
To grace her almond shaped eyes with blue shadow
And raspberry color on her lips
Legs full of dips and valleys
Lines of the Nile travel down the back of her flabby thighs
No stockings
No bra
Just a full slip to hold her sagging breasts 
Propping her disgusting look in her left palm
She lights a Newport 100
Slowly dragging in the very poison that killed her mother
Holding in the smoke in her lungs
Not wanting to exhale but finally does
BB King playing on the box
Singing “The Thrill is Gone”
As she orders a gin and tonic
Lips move to the words in the song
She knows it all too well and sings along
You see this aging sista let a man in her life
Thinking that he was gonna take her for his wife
She gave him the best when she lay with him
Until she gave him twenty dollars and fifty cents
For a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of gin
Never to return again
This has been the story of her miserable life
Six times she was some man’s wife
Mostly she married out of a need in her life
But being alone most of the time
No matter how many times she tried
To get love from these men
That didn’t love her 
Just lusted her
Never trusted her
Always left her
For another
Bar Fly
Still seeking a good man to give herself to
A lonely lover looking 
Sitting on her favorite bar stool
Smiling at the first man that darkens the door
Singing the blues
Hoping that the next twenty dollars and fifty cents
That leaves her hand to his
Will come back to her bed 
She silently prays that this time he won’t stay away
So she sits, smokes, drinks her gin
Waiting to see what this new night will bring
In the bar below her flat
Waiting for who knows
Sitting night after night
At Joe’s

Twenty Dollars And Fifty Cents by Mama Mickey

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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