When We First Met

by Niki Bell de Castanon

His words touched her so deeply,
All of her sensations descended from the planets,
Tingling her fingers down to her toes,
His eyes said Iím listening,
His voice deep and low swallowing her being,
With the knowledge of life,
His masculine strength exuberating from the space shared,
Tiny holes indented with her pores of love,
She a tenderfoot,
Legs strong and with the ability to run,
He Dared Not!
Because he knew she was the one,
With all of her issues and complexities,
Ohhhhh, he knew,
Heads locked in intimate conversation,
Hands exploring devouring her every curve,
Skin of silk and cotton cushioned,
Delicate, exotic, and soft,
Wild, passionate,
Touches of flame,
Fire burning in the timber forest of souls,
Capturing rain dripped sweat,
Hearts pounding in exquisite motion,
Penetrating... closer to the consciousness of reality,
Coming...closer to believe that neither or the other is a fantasy,
Coming...closer and planting seeds of vanilla trees,
Purple, red, pink mums,
Orange, blue moons,
Breathing and dawning sun form his embroiled chest with her name...
Imprinted on his horizon,
Words from his mouth filled her mind 
with intellectual warmth and depthness,
Emotions so fulfilled as the birds moving west for the winter,
As the music grooving to the rumpet tum tum drums of the heart,
And your touch has always set my soul on fire,
Dancing with the wolves,
Singing down under to a whole new world,
And that fire set my soul free,
When we first met.

When We First Met by Niki Bell de Castanon

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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