Y2K Love

by H.L. Nichols

News Flash...Youths riot in Philly,
President Muhlanga of Simibia has been shot,
Bankers taken hostage boarding 2nd Avenue Shuttle...film at eleven,
Panic in the streets...voices disrupt my sleep,

ďNichols report to St. Clair,Ē...hang up,
Get the Y2K Survival Kit...ďOh sh*tĒ,
Electricís out...no water...computers extinct,
No 100% guarantees,

Professionally youíre a Computer Tech,
Baby I gotta glitch only you can fix,
Iíve known of other women,
Been here more than 1,000 years,

But none as amazing as you,
Youíre the comet that comes this way per 2,000 years,
If I knew Iíd find you,
I wouldíve summoned Atlas to turn the century on itís end,

Itís 12/31/99...Dick Clarkís counting down at Times Square,
Like Bill Gates ď Iím up in your programĒ,
Nothing Micro...nothing soft about this here,
The hell with the Sheraton and Station Square,

Things blowin up right here,
Iím the Neil Armstrong...youíre my full moon,
Iím not afraid of nasty girl,
Grasp hold of my love...your sex in my hands,

I pray that this is the beginning  . . ,
Put the glock to my head now if itís the end,
Bang! Bang!
Bang!...this love thang,

Millennium Lady,
Iím givin it to you...My Y2K Love

Y2K Love by H.L. Nichols

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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