by H.L. Nichols

Alicia kept secrets
Keys I melt-ed 
Chasing abstract thoughts
And illogical arts
My secret so
Let me run tell it
Two minutes ago
You woke me up
I was knotted up n felt it
I felt the tyranny of sweat
I felt the pulse of your breast
I felt the spirit within it
You're making me whet
Because each night I sleep alone
I creep then crawl to your canvass
Body arched like Praying Mantis
Envisioning me coming upon you
A painter I dipped my tongue
And singe flesh, smoothen then glued
In your present we find One Ness
You are the Sistine Chapel and
I Michel Angelo-esque, so let it do what it do
But me without you I'd pray not to . . .
Abandon and or mercy kill my craft
Because given notice you just might laugh
So I am praying that you take note and notice
This soldier's fight to be in your service
Mission oriented, not stalking but steadfast
I ain't the IRA and this ain't Belfast
Please don't fall back or get nervous
You've seen me in the Help Wanted
Under "The Loneliest" marked urgent
And life skills I developed I have no use for
I'll have not hope if my life remains loveless
I am a bird without wing
I have a voice but no reason to sing
I need be afforded opportunity to nest
I need the nurturing of your caress
On the real tip 
I am but 3/5 of what I aim to be
My destiny ain't determined by the man
So he best stop sweating me
I am 3/5 of a man because of what you know of me
And most importantly what you now understand
I do not wih to fill your role, 
Man has need for a real woman
In the grand plan I shall become obsolete
In the end I need your love and tenderness
To become Complete

Complete by H.L. Nichols

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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