B-Ball Expression

by H.L. Nichols

Next -  Respect, Hands clasp, slap hands, five - dap,
Jordan, Rodman, Pippen,
Magic, Worthy, and Kareem, Aaahhh
Doc, Moses, and Cheeks were the shot,
Around the way, Smooth, Kirk, and Cheese, couldn’t be stopped,

Cheese’s 200 Watt - Gold colored clearly stated SoundDesign - Boom Box,
Rap, Ella -scat, Miles - jazz, Black Sheep- Rap
Smooth is Black, Gangsta Rap, Militant Black, Strong,
You Can Git Wit This - - - You Can Git Wit That,
Game begins, Smooth wins, The tap,
Groupies chant, “Smooth is all that”

College bound, integrated, aculturated, Cat quick Kirk ...
darts into the lane,
Steal...elevation at the foul line...“Rebound,”
Cheese engulfs the ball with one hand, nimble for a big man,
Fall away jump shot, beautiful rainbow arc . . .”Twine.”
The ball gently caresses the rim, tickling the threads beneath it,
“10 . 8...We’re up.”
And this is just foreplay.

Magic - Cheeks - Kirk pounds the ball, the rock, tick...tock,
Clock, control, orchestration, Bass player like instrumentation,
Black chords, Black rhythm, against Black . . .
Asphalt, battling Black soldiers, impenetrable Black bodies,
Ba - boom - boom - tat, ba - boom - tat,
Rap remnant of ancestral African polyrhythm,
The dance, become entranced, catch the beat.

Cheese boards, extracting the ball from the mid-Summer sky,
Dribble, dribble, bounce...pass to Worthy,
Crossover... from half court...lofts the pass,
into the Hot, Hop, High ...Alley oop into the sky...
Doc, Jordan...soars

Heinz like anticipation, await the culmination, unveiling of the artistic
Grasp hold of the silence, instantaneous gratification, male ecstasy,

Smooth catches, insertion, thunder clap explosion,
Slam...Boo Ya!!!
Rim rattling reminder of what was,
Crowd clamors, jubilation, celebration,

Arrogant strong armed sway, exhilirating expression, Black male aggression,
Wesley Snipes raw, wit the Denzel appeal, Smooth, “Like sex baby.”
Groupies chant romantic epitaph, “Smoove like butter, Baby.”
“Game, set, next.”

B-Ball Expression by H.L. Nichols

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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