As Yet Untitled 99

by H.L. Nichols

The last time my heart broke but was willing to
To learn to love like it last loved you
In a scrap book charred by flame
And though you heard I call her name
It should have been yours like before
So it should have been you driving me crazy
So you knowing me I can't hide my idiosyncratic way
And or my sensitivity

And stil yet and still again as always then you amazed me
If I could be driven then you would be my insanity
And still yet and still again I still imagine you
If you were a sport I could be simply your fanatic

Not crazy because I am but remember again I was silly when
I remember when in your hands I would've been silly
Putty but a man giddy I am only because your love would be lovely
To you in your love I would be so dutiful
They would speak of us being so beautiful Together

In essence in reference to me and you 
I would do you cause you would hold me down too
I'm not talking bout sexually 
but satisfy thee eternally cause I feel you
Matter afact for twenty years I've felt you
I've thought of you so much that I remembered us
Or what we could be because though I've loved you
I've looked for you as if I were homeless 
seeking shelter and the underside of Mars
Yet and then again if I'd've found you

Profoundly I would've told you that
I've loved and would've loved you
Forever or at least
Since Our re-beginning

As Yet Untitled 99 by H.L. Nichols

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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