The Mother of Another

by H.L. Nichols

Strong armed sway, arrogant innocence at play,
Often say disrespectful words to women about,
Yo! There goes your wife,
She’s smoked the F*ck Out,

Downward stare, soul in despair, shoulders bow to burdens,
Can’t hold her head high,
Her crucifix awaits, bearer of heart-piercing pain, only temporal repair,
No sigh.

She’s traversed the cracks that separate hopscotch boxes etched in concrete,
Honor roller of weed, Daddy died, brokenhearted by Brakim, freshmen forties
and Olde E,
Turned out and trickin for Rick, her parent’s favorite daughter, her mother
Hooked on the devil’s dick, follower of his whimsical trail, fate worse than
Dante’s hell,
Subtle are the reflections of fractured persons, she can’t recall who she
used to be,
Don’t comprehend the connection, easier to forget the forgotten life,

Abandoned house, squatters, crack-house, residents unknown,
Know not her crack filled foreplay, patrons post duly depart,
Though of this world, she’s left all alone,
Her beloved Daddy-B, one of a number of anonymous lovers,
Synonymous the pleasure shared, $2 dollars a rock $5 some head,
Damn she was fine!

Today she sustains the sexual remains,
of addiction, Addicted daddy, Daddy’s addicted daughter,
Her clothes cling to the most delicate, the fragility of her form,
She remembers to grasp at the last vestiges of life,
Entombed embodiment casket of the unborn,
Absentee personage, there are no people here,

Yet we are the boys who laughed, laugh and taunt,
We vowed to be gangsta smooth, cold, beholder of black steel, hard the
Our disdain for our own thwarted our growth to adulthood,
Ignorance we’d display, Oh! the foolish things we’d say,
About the Mother of Another, who’s smoked the F*ck Out,

The Mother of Another by H.L. Nichols

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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