All I Ever Wanted for Christmas Is You

by H.L. Nichols

You ask what I want for Christmas

Baby, I've pondered each moment like it was the first

I thought I'd be so corny that you'd believe

The truth is . . You are my one wish


I understand your world where words are unworthy

Until substantiated by the action of verbs

For you I'll give that extra special gift

And money for you to spend it on you

You see I've been around a minute or two


And have authored long lists of Christmas gifts

Gifts that once satisfied my childhood wish

They remain the games with no names and

Like the ear muffs never worn that look the same


See I am spoiled too right

Oh, I still can't sleep Christmas Eve night

I creep about the stairs when time to open gifts nears

Seeking to find Tonka Toys and bikes o plenty

My Adidas, slacks and Nike sweat shirts o many

Christmas time is a special time for kids

I am as much a kid inside as any


Stand here- I'll tell n show you how we do with mistletoe

Memories of good times, great food and great cheer

Guess who'll be kissing Santa this year

Then when the ball strikes twelve at Times Square

Baby, with you I want to ring in the New Year


I've pondered your question many times

And each time you've stayed in my mind

The greatest gift has not a for purchase sign

It is the one for which I've waited a lifetime


Baby, you see

 All I Ever Wanted for Christmas Is You

All I Ever Wanted for Christmas Is You by H.L. Nichols

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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