The Power of A Christian Black Woman

by Ngozi N. Okeke

A rarity, 
A hot commodity,
A priceless gem,
A heart any man would love to win.

Not flashy, with little flare,
Yet she knows how to get many, many stares.

No need to swing her hips,
Or show much skin
Or pucker her lips
Or pretend....

To be anything other than whom she was Created to be.

It's her Character that speaks for her.

It's her humility, knowing she's royalty,
That speaks of her ability...
To be a Christian Black woman.

It's a combination of her confidence,
gentleness, meekness, and forgiveness;
None of which show signs of weakness,
That gives her a true sense of awesomeness.

Her self-control; one key to becoming whole.
Her self-restraint; lacking in that she ain't.

Receiving love from above,
Her God
Knowing just where to look up.

Blessed in all aspects of her life,
Cause she knows Who fights her fights.
In Whom she can confide and trust throughout her various trials.

Just the right combination of strength and submission;
Full of wisdom, she knows she gets those silent whistles.

Humorous, sensitive, nonchalant at times;
Be not mistaken though. You won't ever want to leave her side.

Spiritual, yet "down-to-earth"
Her actions speaking so loudly,
No need for empty words. 

So quiet, yet so profound,
Men you'll be hollering
"A virtuous woman I have found!"

Many "step" to this treasure.
But few will actually weather,
the type of respect she requires.....

the glow that perspires.....

the radiance of her countenance.....

The power of a Christian Black woman.

The Power of A Christian Black Woman by Ngozi N. Okeke

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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