Dignity of Pride

by Marlena Nazarr

No man walks with pride and statue as our African Kings-
He stalks
Can you see it?
Thump, Thump, Be Boppidy, thump, Lump!!!

No man walks as tall and boldly as he,
the man child elephant bull emerged into he 
With courage
Can you feel it?
Lump, Thump, Be Boppidy, Thump, Hump!!!

No man walks with the strength of the mighty oak tree,  like he
Can you smell what it be?
Hump, Dump, Be Boppiddy, Lump, Stump

No man walks with the bravery of a Lion King, but he
marticulously awaiting
Can you taste it with all your sensory
Stump. Bump, Be Boppidy, Hump, Jump!!!

No man is a true man, unless hes marked with the history 
of the sires of the Mighty African King!
for what God meant to be.
The birthing of a world with an Egyptian 
Can you dare to touch - to reach - to yearn and beleive in the
Dignity of Pride in thee?
Jump, Stump, Be Bopiddy, Hump, Lump, Bump!!!- Hey!

Dignity of Pride by Marlena Nazarr

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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