Engaging Me

by MTK

Can be done simply
Without lines of deceit
Or un-creative tales of loyalties –
That you claim to me - - - 

Such fantasies which you can only see - -
For the words of your reality

Means – nothing to ‘me’
Still the challenge of 
Engaging me into your erotic schemes –
Could be but, that is strictly up to you,
Shall we try Again?

Lace ‘me’ with the essence
Of your spirituality and 
Feel the strength & power
Of the spoken words of your 
‘True’ beliefs that appeals to me,
For I know you could teach me
Can you help MTK grow to flow?

Now – I’m open - - what is next?
Be careful, tread gently,
And see if your intellectual mind
Is in sync with mine… Possibilities Bet!

Do want to play, what are the rules?

Nevertheless, first let MTK give you the scoop
If you’re engaging me is what
You truly want to do, AND
Cause you cannot satisfy the hunger
Of my universal mind OR
Soothe the spiritual soul within or  –
The body will never be down!
So how can U think  –?
You – got – It – like – that – 
If Engaging Me is what U want 
To be in your life – Like that!

Engaging Me by MTK

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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