Yes or No?

by Ms. Smooth

Hey, how you doing?
How's everything on your side of town?
Listen, I've been thinking 
that maybe you and I should
try this thing called linking, 
because lately I've been sinking 
into the possibilities of love
See, don't get me wrong
I know it's been a while, shit, far too long
But, I was wondering if you would like to feel 
the musical texture of my love song
Before you tell me that love isn't your thing 
and you rather have a fling, 
baby just listen to the words
of my love song as I sing
It may sound crazy, but I'm not trying to be your lady
Heard you already have one of those…think her name is Kaysee
Enough about her, let me be your new chapter 
and you'll be my next verse
Before you part your lips to speak, 
listen to the melody of desires I seek
Let me teach you and mentally inject you
Erect you and direct you…
Into my world
Fuck your girl
Let me do the things that make your toes curl
Yeah, I know this sounds strange, 
but people do change
I'm not into the falling in love thing
I'm into doing the love thing
The casual exchange thing
The "just kicking it" thing
The YOU without HER thing
I must confess that this feeling is the best
When your eyes capture mine, 
I can't help but to smile...
They're so similar to mine
Seeing visions of me kissing you in the night, 
under the  moonlight
Damn, are you free tonight?
Your place or mine?
How about we sleep at yours and wake up at mine?
Well, it's getting late and I'll leave you to debate, 
while I get back to my date
Just to give you a little preview, 
I'm wearing something  see through
So, after the midnight hour...
I hope to see you...right after my shower

Yes or No? by Ms. Smooth

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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