by Ms. Smooth

Thinking of the way you speak
The way you always seem to creep into my thoughts
I smile to myself, feeling extra sweet
Imagining the warmth of your embrace
How you kiss…
The exotic way you slide your tongue into my mouth
Feeling it’s heat, tasting it’s rhythm
The intensity of your lips pressed against mine
Movements of my body mimic yours
In unison…we become one
Your scent controls me, directs me, motivates me
Allowing the gate leading to my temple to open
I grant you the access to my undercover world
My body trembles with your emotions inside of me
I can feel your thoughts as our souls touch
The liquid from our entanglement slowly releases, and I
 begin to wonder what we taste like
Gliding my curious nature across your body, I satisfy my wonderment
Your body heat ignites my internal explosion
You leave me breathless, wanting you with everlasting desire
The way you hold me, I just can’t control it
You thrill me…
Like a ride, I don’t want to get off
As I relax, my body remains lifeless
Your lips touch my body gently
I close my eyes and enjoy the feel of them
You come up making eye contact
Your eyes speak to me, saying everything I want to hear
We lay still, gazing at each other with the fire of lust
 burning deep within our being
I memorize the contours of your face
Your lips, your eyes, your smile, and your kiss
You caress my skin and I enjoy the sweet taste of your touch
The way you please me, causes me to shudder…
Back to reality
I glance around and you’re not there
My lonesome lets me know, I allowed my fantasy to take advantage of my reality
How you tease my mind, causes mental masturbation
Connecting my thoughts to my desires
I sit back, cross my legs, and smirk
Wanting you more with my mind, than passed my panty line

Beyond by Ms. Smooth

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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